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Well unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past year you will be familiar with the story of the phenomenal rise and fall of The ADHDs.

This brother sister three piece already well known in New Zealand came crashing into the global spotlight after being blamed for inciting the four day riot in central Nelson during a free public performance that saw half the town burnt to the ground in the summer of 2016. They are currently In Time Out in the big house awaiting trial. We take a look back at the early days reviewing their first video hit single “Savage” and the mini documentary “In Time Out with the ADHDs”

Their first video produced on shoestring budget was an instant hit with the disaffected youth alienated by the main stream tosh being force fed to them daily, with artists such as Katy Perry and Kanye West churning out one cloned generic pop song after another, its seemed the time was right for the Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorders. Seemingly benign standing there in their onesies, almost cute, their true savage nature is soon revealed as they come viciously spinning and writhing full throttle as if on cue as Lou-Dog’s guitar rips a hole in the fabric of reality.

Director of these two videos and father of the trio Justin Ferguson said “I wanted to show the savage nature that is buried deep within us all while at the same time reflecting my kids Maori heritage and connection to the land.” In his follow up promo interview “In Time Out with the ADHDs” we gain little incite into the minds of these young rockers. “They were never really talkative, even as children, always conspiring quietly together when they were not tearing the crap out of the place; you can see their legacy in the interview, we barely have any wallpaper left.”

Not much is said in the interviews but you can gauge the uncertainty around their newfound fame with some of the members. Lou-Dog especially is well known for his rejection of fans, the media and of not doing interviews of any kind which makes this one of their only interviews in existence.

As they come up to trial the public outcry over these anti social misfits is almost eclipsed by the call for their release from their adoring fans globally. Their Father is not optimistic that they will be released. “They really are terrors, I pity the inmates who must by now realize that the ADHDs are not locked up with them but it is they that are locked up with the ADHDs.’